I believe that a mother’s love has no limits.

Julia Drummond’s patriotic maternalism symbolizes the commitment of Canadian women to help those in need during wartime. Mothers were torn between encouraging their sons to go to war – and the possibility of their never coming home.

Julia Drummond cared deeply for the plight of Canadian soldiers and established the Maple Leaf Club in London to be a gathering place during their battlefield leave. She created the Canadian Red Cross’ Information Bureau so that families could know the fate of their loved ones recuperating in overseas hospitals. Her son Guy was killed in 1915 at the Second Battle of Ypres.

– Viveka Melki

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Optical crystal

“Every soldier is a son, veiled by the tears of his mother, and held in her arms of daisies and eternal love.”
– Mark Raynes Roberts

Olfactory memory

“A smell of tenderness, warm and vanilla, unconditional and deep. Honey and white flower notes, the perfume of a lifetime.”
– Alexandra Bachand

Julia Drummond (1861-1942)

“In wartime, people do remarkable things. Few Canadians showed more commitment to the war effort than Julia Drummond.”
– Alexander Reford

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