Credits and Acknowledgements

The WAR Flowers exhibition is a production of Reford Gardens.

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This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada.

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With thanks for their generous support

78th Fraser Highlanders; Alexander Aird; David Angus; Stephen F. Angus; Jim Armour; Cynthia Baxter; Ann Birks; Janet Blatchford; Bruce D. Bolton; 
Lionel Chetwynd; John and Pattie Cleghorn; Ann Coulson; Robert Ross; Scott Fraser; Alison Arbuckle Fisher; Cynthia Gordon; Harold J. Harkes; John Hart; Stuart Iversen; Jake Knoppers; Marian Macfarlane; Anson R. McKim; Malcolm McLeod; William R. Milne; Katharine Mills; Christopher Molson; Eric Molson; Stephen Molson; 
Gail Regan; William E. Stavert; Alison J. Smith; Deidre Stevenson; Susan Stevenson; Judith Webster; Karen Zimmer; David Mills; Liam O’Brian; Susan Armstrong; Jane Allan; Geoff Dowd; Martha Hancock; Barb Amsden; Malcolm Scott; David Cottingham; Judy Dingle; Susan E. Gibson; R. Scott James; Andrew Johnson; John & Sue Pitfield; Edwin Rowse; R.H. Thomson; Donald T. Walcot; Alice Adelkind; Carolyn Livingston; Linda Kitchen; Bart MacDougall; David MacDougall; Abby MacInnes; Trish McMaster; Bill Myhill; Beth Nowers; Martha Osler; Hon. David Peterson; Nancy Riley; Katherine Smalley; Kimberley Turner; Sally Bongard; Liz Driver; Jane French; Colomba Fuller; Kelly Rice; Campbell Deacon; Eric Stevenson; David Stevenson; Diana Ferrara; Stephen Brown; Ian Russell; Paul French

Anonymous donors; Drummond Foundation; Hay Foundation; Jackman Foundation;
 Montreal Council of Women; Molson Foundation; St. Andrew’s Society of Montreal; WCPD Foundation; Zeller Family Foundation; Caldwell Securities Ltd.;  The Jack Herbert Foundation

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And in loving memory of

Sylvia and William McKee; 2nd Lt. J.N.B. McKim, RFC; Bill Stavert

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WAR Flowers wishes to thank the Montreal Botanical Garden Library for access to its collection of antique books, the source of botanical illustrations used in this exhibition as well as the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul for allowing the theme song of WAR Flowers to be recorded there.

We also wish to express our gratitude to the Canadian War Museum whose staff offered support and expertise throughout the research and preparation of this exhibition.

Special thanks to artisan Mathieu Jean for his significant contribution to the realization of the exhibition.